Gen 2:17: Dying thou shalt die

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Fri Aug 25 18:03:14 EDT 2000

Time out, please, ladies and gentlemen!

The moderators ask that you all please read your postings over once before 
you send them so that they do not go outside the bounds of our "rules of 
engagement." Those rules may be found at 


and I quote them here for your convenience:  

o Debate that forces particular faith or doctrinal perspectives onto a
  reading of the text is not appropriate subject matter for this forum.  

o Proselytizing ("seeking to convert someone to a certain religious
  faith") is also not appropriate. Naturally, each of us will share our
  own understanding from our own perspective, but this should not be done
  with the goal of changing other participants.  

o Knowledge of Hebrew is assumed, but belittling someone for their lack
  of skill or ridiculing someone for making a mistake -- even a basic one
  -- is unacceptable.  

o All list members should be allowed the dignity of being different.  

o Discuss passionately, but keep control of your own emotions.  

o Support your counterpoints with evidence, and remember to focus on     
  people's ideas and not the people themselves. 

o Consider the possibility of responding directly to a person, rather
  than to the entire list, if the content might not be of interest to

o Each of your posts should be signed by name, so members know from whom
  they are hearing and to whom they might respond. 

One more thing: please watch your "To:" and "From:" headers carefully, and 
note when someone is writing to you "offlist." It's possible to assume 
that someone is writing to you in public when they are actually doing so 
directly. Or vice versa.

We thank you for your observance of these rules!


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