Dying thou shalt die

Dave Washburn dwashbur at nyx.net
Fri Aug 25 11:04:03 EDT 2000

Liz wrote:
> I need not multiply examples. This form of the verb is used
> countless times throughout the HB. It is used to intensify
> the action of the verb. It should be expressed in English as
> "surely", "certainly," "utterly" or some such.

Exactly.  The combination expresses the certainty of the event 
without implications of time frame.  In English we could even 
translate it with reasonable accuracy "When you eat it, death is a 
certainty for you."  There is no reason to read more than that into 
the statement; the details and fulfillment of the statement unfold 
from the context of the story.

Dave Washburn
"Éist le glór Dé."

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