Dying you shall die

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On Tue 22 Aug 2000 (16:48:32), jeremy at fish.pair.com wrote to Liz:
> Forgive me if I misunderstood you, but I keep getting this impression that
> you're taking the position that G-d has lied to Adam and that G-d is a liar?
> There are references where states that G-d is of truth and that He has
> no capability of lying and that HaSatan is the father of lies.  Or are
> you just being a devil's advocate? :-)

 "In the day" that they (A&E) sinned two deaths took place: the deaths of two
 sacrificed lambs, of whose fleeces God made garments (leotards?) to cover
 their nakedness. The whole of the BHS is shot through with substitutionary
 sacrificial victims; see Leviticus 17:11. God was not taken aback when A&E
 ate the forbidden fruit; he had already planned what He would do. So God was
 not lying: He was fulfilling His Word, graciously accepting the deaths of two
 sacrificial victims in lieu of A&E's deaths.

 Of course, A&E and all their progeny duly died: see the mournful refrain
 throughout Genesis 5: "and he died" WaYYaMoT. ...WaYYaMoT. ...WaYYaMoT, etc.
 The only exceptions to this seem to have been Enoch and Elijah.

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