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Thu Aug 24 23:36:03 EDT 2000

I brought the other forms of "when" to the discussion to indicate that
"byom" -- while translatable as "when" does not just equate the English
"when," but each of these three forms are special kinds of "when" -- which
it appears you realize, but do not seem to understand what I said.  I am
sorry if I am writing so opaquely, because aside from your statement that
"matai" and "ka'asher" are special kinds of when, you seem to infer that
"byom" is not a special case of when, but translates exactly as "when" is
defined in English.  

Or do you?

Jerry Blaz

At 10:26 AM 8/24/00 -0400, you wrote:
>Dear Jerry,
>"matai" is an interrogative adverb, and may be translated "when?"
>"ka'asher" means "as soon as" and could be translated "when," but the
meaning is
>different from "beyom."
>What are the other words that you speak of?
>By the way, has anyone heard of any progress toward a Hebrew lexicon
according to
>semantic domains (similar to Louw  & Nida's Greek lexicon)?
>Lee R. Martin
>Jerry Blaz wrote:
>> Well, not quite.  After all, there are a number of Hebrew words that
>> translate to "when" so when "byom" is used; so we have to ask wherefore is
>> this "when" different from other "whens?"
>> There is ka'asher and matai and other words that translate to "when."  I
>> will stick with my previous explanation.  This "when" (if you insist) or
>> "byom" is used when it sums up state and signals a change.
>> Jerry Blaz
>> At 09:21 AM 8/23/00 -0500, you wrote:
>> ><Lee>
>> >The word BEYOM simply means "when."
>> >
>> ><Bill>
>> >Aaah, now that is satisfying! I was not subscribed on Aug 14th, so I
>> >it. That makes perfect sense and to my mind "cracks the case". Thank you.
>> >
>> >Bill Ross
>> >
>> >
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