In the Day you eat thereof... (Gen 2:4 and 17) - When!

Jerry Blaz ffdog at
Thu Aug 24 01:31:01 EDT 2000

Well, not quite.  After all, there are a number of Hebrew words that
translate to "when" so when "byom" is used; so we have to ask wherefore is
this "when" different from other "whens?"

There is ka'asher and matai and other words that translate to "when."  I
will stick with my previous explanation.  This "when" (if you insist) or
"byom" is used when it sums up state and signals a change.

Jerry Blaz

At 09:21 AM 8/23/00 -0500, you wrote:
>The word BEYOM simply means "when."
>Aaah, now that is satisfying! I was not subscribed on Aug 14th, so I missed
>it. That makes perfect sense and to my mind "cracks the case". Thank you.
>Bill Ross
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