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>I would like to start a new thread, if I may...

>I came across these verses, Jeremiah 1:11 & 12, yesterday and the Hebrew =
>aspect is fascinating.  The Hebrew word used for almond is shaked and =
>for watching is shoked.  I understand that those two hebrew words share =
>same root: SH-K-D.  (please forgive me for not using standard =
>characters.)  What I would like to do is to understand the significant =
>of those two words.  Is YHWH playing with words or is YHWH using almond =
>as a visual representation of watching?  Are there any good commentaries =
>on this?

The New American Bible has a note on this passage:  "The 
watching-tree:  the almond tree, which is the first to blossom in the 
springtime as though it had not slept.  The Hebrew name contains a 
play on words with 'I am watching.'"



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