Jeremiah 1:11 & 12

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>I came across these verses, Jeremiah 1:11 & 12, yesterday and the Hebrew
aspect is fascinating.  The Hebrew word used for almond is shaked and for
watching is shoked.  I understand that those two hebrew words share same
root: SH-K-D.  (please forgive me for not using standard characters.)  What
I would like to do is to understand the significant of those two words.  Is
YHWH playing with words or is YHWH using almond as a visual representation
of watching?  Are there any good commentaries on this?

it is an intentional pun- a play on words such as is common in the hebrew
bible.  see the song of the vineyard in Is 5 for the same sort of thing in
the final verses of the song.

there are lots of good commentaries on jeremiah.  my favorite is the ICC
volumes by McKane.  Bright's is good but dated.  And Robert Carroll's is superb.




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