Gen 2:17: Dying thou shalt die

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> << The story is not about the origin of evil (for that you have to
>  wait till Gen 6:1).
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> Not quite that long.  You're forgetting Cain & Abel.  There's that rather
> enigmatic sentence in Gen 4.7
> Ha:LoW) )iM_T."Y+iYB LaPeTaX Xa+f)T RoB"C W:)"LeYKf T:$W.QfToW W:)aT.fH
> T.M:$fL_B.oH
I had considered this of course. But I rejected it. I did so primarily
the authors of the Book of Enoch dwell on Gen. 6:1ff as the source of
evil, not the story of Cain. I think the story of Cain is the story of the
creation of civilization, i.e., cities, agriculture, music.

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