Dying you shall die

Liz Fried lizfried at umich.edu
Tue Aug 22 22:02:05 EDT 2000

Dear All,
I'm getting a raft of letters about my accusing God
of lying to Adam.
All the letters have been very nice tho, no angry letters
and no flames I'm happy to say. 

I'll repeat what I said to one person:
In the story God deceives Adam, God lies to Adam. 
But I don't believe God lies. God is a god of truth.
However, God didn't write the story of Adam and Eve.
That story is myth. I can tell it's myth, because in it
God lies.

However, do not think that the biblical writers in general
are adverse to accusing God of lying. Check out 
these interesting passages:
1 Kings 22:19-23; Jeremiah 4:10.
There are probably others.


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