Gen 2:17: Dying thou shalt die

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On 22 Aug 2000, at 21:57, Mark Wilson wrote:

> I am new to this list, but can someone explain to
> me how a post like the one below belongs in here.
> I am not against anyone's theological position; I simply
> do not see any connection between this post and
> B-Hebrew. Please help me see it.
> Thank you,
> Mark Wilson


Part of the purpose of this forum is to discuss the meaning of the texts we 
study, albeit with an emphasis upon the original Hebrew text. Here is a quote 
from our charter (at <>:

    B-Hebrew is an e-mail conference of academic professionals,
    teachers, students, clergy and laity, people of any faith,
    devoted to a better understanding of the Hebrew Bible. As such we
    often discuss a variety of topics related to the Biblical
    languages, the history of the text and its study, the culture of
    the Ancient Near East, the literary analysis of the Hebrew Bible,
    and more.

This thread began with the question of how to interpret/understand the 
infinitive absolute in this passage. It naturally led to the question of the 
larger context, which is what Liz is doing. This often happens and is perfectly 


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