Transitus Fluvii

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Mon Aug 21 18:11:17 EDT 2000

On Mon, 21 Aug 2000, Joseph Crea wrote:
>     As you probably already know, "Transitus Fluvii" is the name of an
> alphabet or cipher in circulation among occultists of various kinds.  I can
> find almost nothing on it besides a table in Francis Barrett's  __THE MAGUS

This is what I found, and I wanted to confirm or deny it:

"Transitus Fluvii is a Hebrew-derived alphabet created by mystics,
alchemists, and secret societies during the Middle Ages. It was used to
conjure spells, create amulets and as a code to avoid religious

I was just wondering if any Hebraists recognized this derivation. Thanks.
Wondell M. Rachman

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