Transitus Fluvii

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>can anyone tell me something on "Transitus Fluvii" - is it real/made up,
>history, background, etc.?

    As you probably already know, "Transitus Fluvii" is the name of an
alphabet or cipher in circulation among occultists of various kinds.  I can
find almost nothing on it besides a table in Francis Barrett's  __THE MAGUS
or CELESTIAL INTELLIGENCER__ (Lackington, Allen & Co., 1801, reprinted by
Univerity Books Inc. 1967 with an introduction by Timothy d'Arch Smith)
and the fact that this, in turn, was derived from the __3rd Book of Occult
Philosophy__ of Henry Cornelius Agrippa (circa 1511).  Sorry that I can't
be of more assistance.

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