Morality in prayer

Maria Solarez funi at
Sat Aug 19 18:29:43 EDT 2000

I have read the posts with great interest.

I am curious about a particular requests made by Moses in Deuteronomy
11:18-21  It follows a long list of commandments which summarize similar
requests in earlier sections of the Bible.

It seems that not only is an immediate conduct being given, but
instructions for its' future transference are also being given.

I wonder what period of time these directions might have been given and
if simiar appeals to general sense of morality appear in the writings of
surrounding and earlier cultures?

My question comes from a quest for understanding how. when, if or why
prayer shifted from personal petition to a sense of the larger well
being of a commmunity.

I appreciate your thought and attention.

Maria Solarez
Cambride, MA. USA

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