WEQATAL vs. QATAL statistics, cleaning up assumptions

yochanan bitan-buth ButhFam at compuserve.com
Sun Aug 20 03:35:45 EDT 2000

the following needs to be cleaned up logically:

> If there should be any meaning in a
>comparison of the temporal reference of QATAL and WEQATAL, we first must
>decide (assume) that they ARE  two different groups (Catholics and
>Protestants). But then we have assumed what we should prove, namely, that
>QATAL  and WEQATAL *are* two different groups.

Come on, clean up the act. 
qaTALti and veqatalTI are two different forms and do not need an assumption
in order for them to exist. They exist.
People are not interested in hearing someone throw around 'debate tactics',
but they would appreciate seeing that true reflection and understanding
have taken place.

RAndall Buth

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