Gen 2:4

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Sure you don't mean George Bush (1988-1992) or George Bush (possibly 2000-an
indeterminate period)? I wouldn't trust their exegesis either! ;-)

OK, I will bow to Wenham on this.

Peter Kirk

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> Furthermore one does not need to be a six day creationist to hold that yom
> in Gen 1:5 means one calendar day. G. Wenham (Genesis WBC) is not a six
> creationist but he states concerning yom in Gen. 1:5 "There can be little
> doubt that here "day" has its basic sense of a 24 hour period." U. Cassuto
> appears to agree with this but his statements about it are very brief.
> George Bush (1838 or 1860?) reads yom in Gen. 1:5 as an indeterminate
> period. I found this humorous since it was counter to my expectations. I
> expected George Bush to go with the traditional reading and G. Wehnam to
> with an indeterminate period. Keep in mind that G. Wenham is not defending
> traditional stance of a six day creation but he was able to see through
> fog of the creation debate to a uncluttered analysis of yom in Gen. 1:5.

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