WEQATAL vs. QATAL statistics

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Tue Aug 15 15:29:26 EDT 2000

Dear Rolf,

The exchanges between you and others  have been quite informative and educational for me, also.  They
represent Hebrew on a level higher than I have currently reached, so far as the deeper structure and
construction of the language is concerned.  And your voluminous research is very much a pioneering
effort that should lead to a significant testing of current hypotheses on Hebrew grammar.  Your
personal integrity and scholarship are much needed and, in this corner also, much appreciated.

Solomon Landers
Memra Institute for Biblical Research

"Rodney K. Duke" wrote:

>Dear Rolf,

> <snip>

> I have also been most impressed with your personal quality of responding in a gracious and scholarly
> manner to those whose posts to you have been patronizing and rude.  So, please be encouraged.  There
> are those of us who are reading the exchanges that you are engaged in and are appreciating them.

> --
> Rodney K. Duke

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