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Dear Christian,
Yes. Thank you for pointing that out.  But in BH, doesn't KA'ASHER mean "as
soon as"?  I suppose that a study of the two words might reveal their
individual denotations and connotations.
Lee R. Martin

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>>Dear Tony,
>>The word BEYOM simply means "when." For a parallel to Gen. 2:4, see Num.
>>3:1, where all of God's speaking to Moses from Sinai is referred to as "in
>>the day God spoke to Moses from Sinai".  Thus Gen. 2:4 is not an attempt
>>reduce creation to one day at all, but rather it means "when God had
>>the heavens and the earth".  As far as I can determine, there is no other
>>Hebrew word meaning "when."
>In modern usage we have "ka'asher". Does this occur in BH?
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