How to help with parashat `eqev

yochanan bitan-buth ButhFam at
Mon Aug 14 07:29:29 EDT 2000

shalom Hevre,

I'm wondering who read va'etHannan? Who would like to read `eqev, Dt

I'm wondering how this list can help those interested in reading the
parasha and communicating on language details? 

Did some try and find the section too long or difficult? Are list members
aware of English aids like Amstrong/Busby/Carr to prompt less common
vocabulary verse by verse and to facilitate rapid reading?

Perhaps some readers were able to reinforce some common vocabulary or
stumbled accross an interesting structure? Maybe share a note.

Did others enjoy the reprieve from the modern world while they entered a
biblical Hebrew world? and then you found a challenge there too! :-)  ah,
the covenant language of love/commitment !

shavua` tov

Randall Buth

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