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On 6 Aug 2000, at 2:59, yochanan bitan-buth wrote:

> Yesterday "devarim" (1.1-3.23) was read all over the world. I trust some
> of you were able to participate 'in spirit'. 
> I've been thinking about ways to encourage people to read and share.
> (this may be crossing mails with others since I've been offline since
> Friday.) *** One idea, maybe not a good one but at least an idea: would
> the list moderators would have an automatic method of having list
> members 'sign in' when completing their parasha reading for the week?
> Then at the end of the week an 'honor roll' could be sent out. *** 


I just surveyed the Lyris conference server's online manuals. From what I 
can see, there is no feature that allows us to do what you want. I will 
continue looking... :-( 

There is the possibility of writing a program to do this and link it into 
the software -- and it doesn't look too hard -- but one must be a site 
Lyris administrator to do this, and our (the moderators') permissions are 
not so exalted. :-)

I think what you are trying to do is very worthy (one *cannot* read enough 
Hebrew Bible!), and the moderators will do whatever we can to support this.


For those to whom the practice of the parashot readings is new: Is there a 
web page out there that talks about the origin and modern practice of the 
parashot reading system, what is is, how the text was divided, why, and 
how the dates are determined each year?


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