parashat ha-shavua

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Tue Aug 1 21:16:48 EDT 2000

As many of you may already know, parashat ha-shavua  offerings swarm the
i-net like locusts, most without  the wild honey.  Some of these are good,
but many are thinly disguised soap salesmanship for a particular brand of
Judaism or a particular rebbe.
I frequently complain to my students for their uncritical citation of such
drivel, and they ask me for "a more excellent way."  I would love to
participate in such a list among those of us who have the tools to do it.
And Randall seems to me the ideal person to serve as our moderator or guide.
Then we could not only bitch about the tripe out there but see if we could
model something more appropriate and sober among ourselves.
Charles David Isbell
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> jim.
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> "going around stirring up apathy "
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