parashat ha-shavua

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Tue Aug 1 17:13:36 EDT 2000

shalom Hevre  --       I'm wondering if it would be a encouragment to those
on the list to suggest short questions on the parashat ha-shavua` each

There is no substitute to weekly readings of BH and an amount equivalent to
the parashat ha-shavua` would seem reasonable for those with busy

for example, this coming shabbat, is devarim 1.1-3.29. Jewish members may
find this attractive as muvan me'elav "self-evident", christian members may
be encouraged to consider that these are texts that Jesus and his disciples
had in their ears and minds each week and that were current for mutual
discussion. Others will be encouraged to know that the tora has become the
foundation of the language. 

syntax questions? notes? a couple of examples.
a.  The book starts out with many narrative and procedural examples of 1st
and 2nd person vav hahippux forms, a change of pace for those used to so
much 3 person narrative material. 
b.  1.16 has a nice text with an infinitive absolute followed by a vav
hahippux suffixtense both broadly 'imperatival/modal' and in the broad
category of the 'indefinite' TAM.

Randall Buth

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