Hebrew Course on Tape ( audio/ video)

Dave Washburn dwashbur at nyx.net
Thu Sep 30 23:49:47 EDT 1999

> Greetings,
>       Do anyone know of a course teaching hebrew grammar on tape?
>  First year or second year hebrew? This method of teaching,I believe is 
> very effective.If you know of such a course(s)please e-mail me.
>                    Thanks :-)Tony 

It's not solely on tape, but Mansoor's "Biblical Hebrew Step by 
Step" has companion tapes for both parts 1 and 2.  I don't know 
how much is on them, though.  For audio-visual methods, I've 
gotten good feedback on the Parsons Technology Hebrew Tutor CD-

Dave Washburn
"Ich veranlassenarbeitenworken mein Mojo."

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