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Rohl does credit James, but not that he has borrowed from him, rather 
that they worked together earlier. Rohl writes (pp.403-404):

"I began to publish my research into TIP [Third Intermediate Period] 
chronology in 1983, by which time a number of researchers had been 
involved in developing the original theory. Peter James, the principal 
author of Centuries of Darkness, was introduced to the TIP revision in 
1979 and added much to the initial chronological model over the 
following four years. In 1984, by the end of that period of joint 
research, many of the anomalies of TIP chronology had been noted and 
catalogued. James... then went off to develop his ideas... resulting 
in the publication of Centuries of Darkness in 1990."

Peter Kirk

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Subject: Sv: Rohl: An Evaluation
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On the basis of Peter's Abstract, I would say that it most definitely looks 
like Rohl has borrowed heavily from James et al. Does he give them credit 
for the chronological hypothesis ?
T. Binger
University of Aarhus

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