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Joseph Brian Tucker wrote:

> Greetings
> 1. I am looking for some bibliography on the 3 letter reconstructions being
> artifical in BH roots. If the first two radicals are the same and the third
> is different but are connected words isn't the 3 letter root concept
> forced?

Some roots come from original 2 letter roots.

> 2. What term do you use for the vav reversive? Just, a simple vav or
> anything else?

You will find many terms. The more common are "waw-consecutive" and "waw-conversive".

> 3. I am a little unhappy with HINN"H  being referred to as a "predicator of
> existence." Kittle, 44. I thought the predicator of existence was Y"$ and
> the predicator of non-existence )"YN? Any suggestions for clarifying Kittle
> here?

Yes, you're correct about the particle _yeš_. The word _hinneh_ is one for which I can
find no single English word which captures the sense. It is designed to attract the
reader/listener's attention to what is about to be said. Some colloquial English
equivalents which convey the sense somewhat are:

- "Get this!"
- "Hey!"
- "You see..."
- "Hey presto!"
- "Look here!"
- "Well now..."

> 4. Is the first person  pronoun )FNOKIY related to the Akkadian first
> person pronoun? "anaku"?

Yes - attributable to common semitic features.

> Do you have in bibliography on it?

Not at hand.

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