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Hi Brian, You wrote:

> 2. What term do you use for the vav reversive? Just, a
simple vav or
> anything else?

The only publication I can think of that uses the term
vav-reversive regularly is Kittel, Hoffer, and Wright.  It's
kind of hokey, as they admit, and it's supposed to be the
vav on a qatal that alledgedly converts the meaning of the
affixed form to that of a prefixed form.  While we have said
in the past that Kittel et. al's terminology is fairly
harmless, this is one of the least desireable appelations
they use, IMO.  I prefer the least loaded of terms, weqatal,
as opposed to Kittel's "affix with the vav-reversive" or the
common "converted perfect."

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