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Dear Brian, You wrote:
> 4. Is the first person  pronoun )FNOKIY related to the
Akkadian first
> person pronoun? "anaku"? Do you have in bibliography on

They are cognates.  Any lexicon will probably tell you that.
Akkadian anaku is a nominative-only form, I think.  What
more do you want to know?  In BH we see the two forms 'ani
and 'anoki in earlier writings, and 'anoki dropped over
time, seen in this context as perhaps a drift from the
Akkadian ancestor tongue.  For example, 'anoki is common in
Genesis, is used once in 1 and 2 Ch, and is unattested in
Ezekiel or Ezra.  As far as I know, there is more written
about the Hebrew pair 'ani/'anoki than there is about Hebrew
'anoki/Akkadian anaku pair, but I gather the former is not
your interest.


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