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I think this simply illustrates how difficult it is to find a single 
English translation which is acceptable in all dialects of English 
spoken all over the world. This is especially so if we are looking for 
colloquial expressions. So for example the NIV translators were 
probably wise to stick to the rather neutral "girl" here as at least 
it doesn't bring in inappropriate connotations for anyone, as far as I 

Peter Kirk

PS I take Bill's point about Egyptian history. But this whole debate 
is actually very important for studying the Hebrew Bible, as if Rohl's 
correspondences are correct that has very significant implications for 
the interpretation of Samuel and Kings, also to some extent Genesis, 
Exodus and Joshua. But I'll try to avoid going too far away from the 
Hebrew material.

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Bill Rea writes:

>Will Wagers wrote:-
> >How about *bitch* as used in the vernacular of young Afro-Americans? 
>In this country "bitch" is used to denote a women who is a trouble maker, 
>difficult to get along with, and the like. This doesn't reflect the 
>meaning in Judges. There are various crude terms which probably would
>be better, but we should not use one which in anyway expresses the 
>idea that the victims are in some ways themselves immoral.

Here,  Afro-Americans use this apparently derogatory word as a common 
term for *woman* or *girl*. They call male friends--*dogs*. So, I don't 
think your analysis applies.

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