Judges 5:30

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Tue Sep 28 23:35:09 EDT 1999

Henry Churchyard wrote:

> [...] I would have imagined that a term
> used by mistresses to deprecate servant girls would emphasize
> servility or lowness, or something of that nature,

Actually, it's Sisera's mother's attendants who use the word _raxam_, not Sisera's mother.
Considering that these servant girs are talking about the enemy, they could use any type
of perjorative term in referring to them - even one of soldiers' slang. I don't think
people had degrees in Political Correctness at the time the song was composed, especially
in regards to their enemies. Women can say bad things about other women, just the same as
men can, whether they are 'high' or 'low' born.

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