b-hebrew digest: September 27, 1999

Will Wagers hyle at airmail.net
Tue Sep 28 19:58:30 EDT 1999

Bill Rea writes:

>Will Wagers wrote:-
> >How about *bitch* as used in the vernacular of young Afro-Americans?
>In this country "bitch" is used to denote a women who is a trouble maker,
>difficult to get along with, and the like. This doesn't reflect the
>meaning in Judges. There are various crude terms which probably would
>be better, but we should not use one which in anyway expresses the
>idea that the victims are in some ways themselves immoral.

Here,  Afro-Americans use this apparently derogatory word as a common
term for *woman* or *girl*. They call male friends--*dogs*. So, I don't
think your analysis applies.

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