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>Jim,  how do you understand the text of Job19:25-27?  Job believed in
>resurrection, that his redeemer would stand at the latter day upon the earth,
>that Job, again, would be in the flesh.  It is my understanding, too, that
>death is a repose in sheol.  If this is an off list question, would you please
>reply in private.

I understand that the text you cite is generally assumed to speak of
resurrection in the Christian sense.  But if you pay heed to what it
actually says, you will only come away with a few simple facts:
1- Job expects to be cleared of any charge- that his "defender" will
vindicate him.
2- That while he IS STILL ALIVE this vindication will take place.  (I.e., in
my flesh I will see vindication!).

Many interpreters read the text with Christian lenses.  But Job was no
Christian.  He did not believe in any resurrection.  And if he did- he is
the only one in the whole of the OT who did.  Even the story of Ezekiel and
the dry bones has nothing to do with personal resurrection- instead it has
to do with the reassembly of the exiles in the land of palestine.



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