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Thanks for this one. I think Rohl did spot this one, though he doesn't 
make it explicit. He writes:

"When we look at the Assyrian King List we see that the father of 
Ashur-uballit is given as Eriba-Adad whereas the Amarna Ashuruballit 
has a father called Ashur-nadin-ahhe. Now it is accepted that the term 
'father' can have the meaning ancestor, but as D.D. Luckenhall notes 
'even so our difficulties are not all cleared up. In the texts... 
Ashuruballit does not include Ashur-nadin-ahhe among his ancestors, 
although he carries his line back six generations.'"

Peter Kirk

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>But he did name his father,
>Ashur-nadin-ahhe, whereas the Assyrian king list gives Ashur-uballit 
>I's father's name as Eriba-Adad. So, very likely a different person.

Well, if you or Rohl looked just that little bit further you would have 
seen that Ashur-uballit's grandfather was called Ashur-nadin-akhe (II). 
When a king slept with his fathers it was no necrophilic orgy, it was 
normal to refer to an ancestor as a father. This is just closing an eye to 
what you don't want to see!


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