3 days/nights

Ian Hutchesson mc2499 at mclink.it
Tue Sep 28 08:53:11 EDT 1999

At 14.32 28/09/99 +0200, John Ronning wrote:
>Ian Hutchesson wrote:
>> At 20.46 27/09/99 +0200, John Ronning wrote:
>> >Similarly Jesus said he would be "3 days and 3 nights in the heart of the
>> earth" (from
>> >which some folks insist he was crucified on a Thursday but then that gives
>> 4 days and
>> >3 nights) but also that he would rise "on the 3rd day."
>> I would have thought, John that the difference comees from two different
>> traditions, one based on the sign of Jonah, ie as Jonah was in the belly of
>> the sea for three days and three nights, Jesus was in the belly of the
>> earth for three days and three nights.
>The material from 1 Samuel 30 shows you that there is no need for such an

Though 1Sam30:12 is useful, John, I think that Mt12:40  makes it clearly a
case of Jonah for the three days and three nights. I therefore don't
consider it a hypothesis.


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