Judges 5:30

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Dear Ben,

Thank you for bringing us back down to the context. Yes, maybe the 
selection was in fact of serving girls to be brought back for the 
ladies rather than simple sex objects. I guess they were used for 
both, after all the soldiers would want to test out their servility! 
It was surely common practice anyway for a woman's servant girls to 
also be her husband's concubines, as with Abraham and Hagar, Jacob and 
his two concubines.

I wasn't trying to compare the situation to Blackadder at all, except 
to illustrate the use of the term "wench" for Henry's "woman as seen 
from a reductionist/objectified male viewpoint". But then you are 
right to see that this is actually a female viewpoint and the word 
chosen should be appropriate to that. The women would be interested in 
the girls as servants and simply ignore how the men used them.

Peter Kirk

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