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[I am going to make the dangerous assumption that all who are interested
read Bryan's response, or can go to the archives to retrieve it if they
wish.  So I'm not copying it in the interest of bandwidth.]


Then, having clarified the definitions, the next step is to determine
the boundaries of the discourse under consideration, right?  Based on
the phrase KOH )FMAR YHWH, it appears as if the passage that Rolf
originally brought up is part of a discourse that goes from 44:6-23.  It
appears to be a "sub-argument" that is part of a larger passage starting
in 44:1.  The topic of the larger passage is the reviving of the
apparently dead or nearly dead Jacob/Israel, and the topic of the
passage under immediate consideration appears to be that YHWH alone is
God; there is no other.

Does this jive with your perception of the discourse?



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