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Dear Ian,

This article on the web gives a good summary of Rohl's book, and some 
detail on some points. However, because of its size it necessarily 
omits much of Rohl's data and detailed arguments, including the 
answers to many of the questions you have been asking Dave and me over 
the last few days.

I was glad to see the Postscript as this answers for me many of the 
questions I had after reading the article "Pharaohs and Kings 
Confused" at, which was 
pointed out to me off-list. In relation to that article, I think that 
Prof. Kitchen was right to be upset at how he was treated by the TV 
producers, but this was probably not Rohl's fault at all. The article 
you mention is fairer than "Pharaohs and Kings Confused" in that it 
allowed Rohl to respond to Kitchen's "new" evidence (if Rohl was 
unaware of this - why? Was it unpublished? Or newly discovered? Why 
hadn't Kitchen brought it to Rohl's attention earlier?), including his 
"one totally damning little text" for which Rohl has a quite different 
explanation - which I would like to see in detail.

Peter Kirk

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.. Here is a link that has a lengthy synopsis of the Rohl book:

Is this misrepresenting the book, or are there any major omissions?


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