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Ray Clendenen wrote:

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> According to a friend a Jewish scientist named Gerald Schroeder wrote a
> book about ten years ago called Genesis and the Big Bang. In this book he
> claims that the Hebrew words 'ereb and boqer really mean disorder and
> order, basing his understanding on etmology. My friend asked me to inquire
> of the experts if any of you are familiar with the book and if there is
> anything credible to his argument. Thanks.

No, this is incorrect. The Hebrew words TOHU and BOHU have the connotations of disorder,
chaos, without substance, empty, devoid, etc... but (EREB and BOQER simply mean "evening"
and "morning". Nothing more, nothing less. It sounds like Schroeder is trying to read far
too much scientific theory into Genesis. It simply doesn't work for an piece of ancient

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