JER 27:18

Dave Washburn dwashbur at
Thu Sep 23 11:22:43 EDT 1999

> The BHS remedied most of the mentioned problems, but the principle that
> Sperber criticised is also seen in this text - but now in the *footnotes*.
> If you make a study of these footnotes, it will become clear that their
> basic criterion is grammar rather than text.  Be particularly cautious when
> you just find "l" ("legendum"-"read") without any quotations, or when you
> find "l" together with meaningless information, as in Jer 27:18. Here we
> find the following footnote: " "l" (read) YFB)W, vel ("or") c ("with") pc
> MSS ("a few, i.e. 3-10 manuscripts)  B). No evidence is quoted for the
> suggestion YFB)W, and no particular manuscripts are quoted for the
> suggestion B). So what is the reason for this footnote? GRAMMAR!

You caught me again.  Obviously, I didn't read the footnote closely 
enough because I missed the "vel."  For reasons I couldn't possibly 
explain except a combination of exhaustion and other factors I 
won't go into, I read the note wrong.  Do me a big favor and ignore 
what I wrote before about the variant reading.  Apologies to all for 
my lack of scholarly care in reading.

Dave Washburn
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