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Well, if you don't trust Rohl and/or Kitchen, go and look for 
yourself. According to Rohl, this inscription is still in situ at the 
top of a building in Thebes. Rohl also has photos, and his book is 
cheaper than a special trip to Egypt. You may not like others' 
interpretations of the archaeological data, but that is no reason to 
dispute the facts they present.

By the way, what are the non-scholarly motivations you are suggesting? 
Rohl has presumably made money from his book. But why are you 
questioning Kitchen?

Peter Kirk

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At 16.02 20/09/99 -0400, peter_kirk at sil.org wrote:
>A form something like Shalem (sh-a-l-m) appears on the campaign 
>reliefs of Rameses II on the Ramesseum at Thebes. See David Rohl "A 
>Test of Time" pp.4-5. Rohl quotes Kitchen as concluding that this is a 
>reference to Jerusalem. Well over 1000 years earlier than DSS, on 
>Kitchen's dating.

Dear Peter,

I would trust neither Rohl nor Kitchen, who both have non-scholarly 
motivations. Nevertheless, there may be something to Kitchen's thought here.

(I have paid for a Kitchen book [it was on straight Egyptology]; I wouldn't 
waste money on a Rohl book.)


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