Which Mishnah translation to get?

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Mon Sep 20 16:55:28 EDT 1999

I have had experience with Artscroll and Neusner.  If you want to get the traditonal
Jewish viewpoint, go with Artscroll.  If you want something a bit more objective and
scholarly, Neusner is great.  Artscroll also puts out a fine edition of the Talmud
(Schottenstein Edition).  My basic translation of Mishnayot is that of Philip
Blackman, Judaica Press Ltd. 1983 edition, but the language is a bit wooden.
Accurate, but wooden.

Solomon Landers
Memra Institute for Biblical Research

Joseph Crea wrote:

> Hello everyone!
>     Can anyone provide this poor newbie with a thumb-nail comparison of the
> various translations of the Mishnah currently available?  Danby's gets good
> reviews, but is pricey at nearly  $70.00.  Neusner's is more recent (and
> much cheaper), but I've heard very little about the quality of the
> translation.  Then, of course, there's the multi-volume series by the
> ArtScroll folks (Mesorah Publications).  Is it any wonder I'm confused?
> Thanks in advance for the assistance.
> With Mettaa,
> Joseph Crea
> <Joseph.Crea at worldnet.att.net>
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