Stress in written Hebrew (DSS)?

Henry Churchyard churchyh at
Sat Sep 18 00:35:14 EDT 1999

Well, the masoretic accentual system, when properly interpreted,
reveals a normal pattern of phrase-final prosodic prominence in the
masoretic recitation pronunciation, at a number of hierarchical levels
(see chapter 3 of my dissertation, or Wickes 1887 for that matter) --
but this may or may not be particularly relevant for Qumran.  Your
asterisks and plusses against a bare consonantal text are still rather
unhelpful as device for provoking detailed and constructive
discussion, since the linguistic validity of plusses and asterisks as
locations for phrasal prominence can only be evaluated against a full
concrete linguistic intepretation of the passage (and not against an
abstract uninterpreted consonantal text hanging in the void).  I could
compare the masoretic accentual parse of the _masoretic linguistic
interpretation_ of this passage with the locations of your plusses and
asterisks, but I have no idea if you would find that at all useful.

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