BH, pause and two distributions, an idea

Vincent DeCaen decaen at
Thu Sep 16 07:58:24 EDT 1999

your statistical study has been a real resource (to some extent also
Price's 5 vol concordance).

here's an idea to cover the two sets of stats that i'm getting and
you're reporting, for pause by accents, and for nesiga by accents (and
i assume pausal).

assume that 85% of pausal environments are sentence-final. assume that
sentence-final pause has one distribution.

assume < 10% of pausal environments are not sentence-final. assume
that they have another distribution: fewer on d0, more on lesser
accents, for obvious reasons.

then make this leap: nesiga is pausal, but patterns with the regular
pausal distribution and *not* the sentence-final type. finally, the
pausal environments i started with patterned sentence-finally: example
pause induced by ki-phrases.

this might be the correct picture. what do you all think?
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