History of the Hebrew Language

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Dear Stephen,
you wrote:

> I am currently working on a school project and need more
references for the
> research.  The topic is the history of the Hebrew
language.  So far, I have
> found only a couple of useful texts and need about 8-10
more.  If anyone
> has a recommendation on a few resources, I would be very
> Stephen

I presume you have Kutscher, Saenz-Badillos, and Chomsky.  A
good bunch of stuff can be gleaned from comparative Semitics
manuals and monographs like, Bergstrasser _Introduction to
the Semitic Languages_, Bennett _Comparative Semitic
Linguistics_, Hetzron (ed.) _The Semitic Languages_ (if
memory serves Hetzron has seperate articles devoted to
Biblical, Rabbinic, and Modern Hebrew), Smith _The Origins
and Development of the Waw-Consecutive_.  _An Introduction
to Biblical Hebrew Syntax_ by Waltke and O'Connor has quite
a bit about the history of the language (as do most
reference grammars), but it also has extensive notation and
a helpful bibliography that will guide you to ever more
materials.  The verb has been the subject of a lot of
historically oriented study as a perusal of the W and O'C
bibliography under the heading "verb" will show.


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