Prefix or Imperfect, Qal or D

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Wed Sep 15 22:11:10 EDT 1999

Dear Brian,
you wrote:
> I am using Kittel, Hoffer and Wright. I am getting a
little concerned about
> the terminology. What do you sugguest beginning students
need to know about
> terminology? For example:
> 1. Prefix or imperfect form.
> 2. Affix or perfect form.

I wouldn't be too uncomfortable with prefix and affix.  Give
a handout at some point that tells alternative terminology
for the same structures, e.g. prefix = imperfect = yiqtol .
Anyone who studies the language for very long has to become
familiar with all the alternatives, and anyone who doesn't
study on will be perfectly happy with prefix, affix, etc.
Anyway, the handout gives a good chance to poke fun at this
crazy (un)discipline.  ;-)

> 3. Qal Piel or D, D2, etc.
> What is the most appropriate way to describe the
differences in terms,
> (aspect and stem names,etc.) to beginning students?
> 4. Should the traditional labels for stems be kept, or is
there enough
> reasons to accept the newer labels? Could someone provide
me a list of
> those labels?

I thought the letter designations were on the way out.
Didn't I hear correctly that Seow dropped them out of his
latest edition?


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