Prefix or Imperfect, Qal or D

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>I am using Kittel, Hoffer and Wright. I am getting a little concerned about 
>the terminology. What do you sugguest beginning students need to know about 
>terminology? For example:
>1. Prefix or imperfect form.

incompleted action, past or present.

>2. Affix or perfect form.

completed action, past or present.

>3. Qal Piel or D, D2, etc.

qal- simple
niphal- passive
piel- intensive
pual- intensive passive
hiphil- causative
hophal- causative passive
hithpael- reflexive

>What is the most appropriate way to describe the differences in terms, 
>(aspect and stem names,etc.) to beginning students?

as above.

>4. Should the traditional labels for stems be kept, or is there enough 
>reasons to accept the newer labels? Could someone provide me a list of 
>those labels?

if it aint broke dont fix it.


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