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Bill Rea wrote:

>Rolf wrote:-
>>Dear list-members,
>>In the mentioned verses I count 12 QATALs, 1 WEQATAL  and 3 WAYYIQTOLs. I
>>cannot find any clue in the context suggesting that the events mantioned by
>>the prophet is past; i.e. that reference time comes before speech time.
>>However, I find many clues that they are future; i. e. reference time comes
>>after speech time. How would the particular model for Hebrew verbs that you
>>believe in, direct you in the translation of these verses? In other words,
>>how would you translate the verses?
>I translated this passage a few years ago. Here is that effort,
>I haven't been back to check this:-
>6 It is you who have abandoned me
>  - declares YHWH
>  You walk backwards
>  I will stretch out my hand against you
>  And I will destroy you
>  I am weary with relenting
>7 I will scatter them with a winnowing fork
>  In the gates of the land
>  I will cause bereavement, I will destroy my people
>  They have not turned from their way
>8 Their widows will be more numerous to me
>  Than the sands of the seas
>  I shall bring against them
>  Upon mother and young man
>  A destroyer at noon
>  I will bring upon them, suddenly
>  Fear and terror
>9 She who has given birth to seven languishes
>  Her inner being sighs
>  Her sun sets while it is still day
>  She is shamed and humiliated
>  Their remnant I will give to the sword
>  Before their enemies - declares YHWH

Dear Bill,

Thank you for this excellent translation! A translation of the text along
the same lines (together with a discussion) is found in "The Expositor's
Bible Commentary, Vol 6, 1986.


Rolf Furuli
University of Oslo

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