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Vincent DeCaen decaen at
Tue Sep 14 15:32:54 EDT 1999

dear henry and other masoretes,

if you remember a little back you gave stats on nesiga distribution by
accent, showing that the numbers didn't line up with pausal numbers.

but now, here's something interesting: i don't know what it means yet.
lesser pausal environments can be found, not sure how to define them
yet, but i can give you examples: e.g., the pausal environment before

lesser environments
by accent		henry's reported numbers for nesiga

d0	33.3%		32.5%
d1	41.7%		41.4%	
d2+	25%		26.4%	

again, don't know what to make of yet, except that nesiga **is**
pausal, once we understand pause better. ;-)
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