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There is also the word _enosh_ as a third synonym for "man"

robert Baker girdlestone cover these words in the book _Synonyms of the Old
Testament. Grand Rapids: Baker, 1951 pages 45-54. 

At 02:36 PM 9/13/99 -0400, you wrote:
>I'm helping a friend who's studying Genesis 1-3 and we've spent some time
>pondering the differences between "adam" and "iysh" in those chapters. 
>Along the way I came across a couple of places in the Psalms where the two
>terms occur together, presumably in contrast to one another, and the
>English is usually rendered "Both low and high" (English Ps 49:2, Hebrew Ps
>49:3) or "men of low degree... men of high degree" (English Ps 62:9, Hebrew
>Ps 62:10).  
>Is there something in the meaning of "adam" and "iysh" that makes the sons
>of adam of lower social standing than the sons of iysh?  What might that
>be?  Are there implications for the interpretation of the story of creation
>in Genesis?
>Susan Jeffers
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