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> Bonnie Kittel's book also has an accompanying audiocassette, reading the
exercises and then 
> chanting three or four [I forget which] _perashot_ on the flip side.  Her
text has some non-
> standard [or are they? just because my first two years of Hebrew didn't
have 'em <VBG>] ways of 
> designating various morphological changes, but you get the upshot anyway.
I guess this would be Kittel, Hoffer, and Wright, "Biblical Hebrew"?

Yes, it uses a few non-standard terms, most importantly "prefix" and
"affix" instead of "imperfect" and "perfect" respectively -- but I would
think it an excellent book for studying on one's own, and there's a second
volume that continues in the same style using readings from the Hebrew
Bible.  One thing I really liked about it was that it uses actual text from
the Bible, from the very first lesson.  The non-standard terms were no big
deal -- I just made a note in the margin to remind myself which was which
for purposes of understanding discussions in other books.

I didn't know it had audiocassette(s) to go with it -- we used it in a
seminary/college Hebrew class, and had no cassettes, but did use the CD-ROM
"Hebrew Tutor" program for practice with pronunciation.  

Susan Jeffers

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