"functional/communicative approach" (was re: vav conversive)

yochanan bitan ButhFam at compuserve.com
Fri Sep 10 12:18:04 EDT 1999

>Do you think it's justified to distinguish between the
surely. i had limited my numbering (4.5) to the indicative system so as not
to include imperatives, infinitives, -ah forms, jussives, etc.

on your revised schema, i assume you would have "fientive 2" yiqtol long
(generic) include re-curring pasts ?
and you would have "attributive 5" also include re-curring pasts, yes?

>fientive:  1. wayyiqtol (perfective, mainline)
>              2. yiqtol, long (non-past and generic)
>              3. yiqtol, short (modal)
>attributive: 4. qatal (tells what was/is)
>                 5. weqatal (modal, considering future as a
>                     species of  modality, and mainline)
>imperfective 5.5. qotel

shana tova
randall buth

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