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The problem with this scenario is that the dual form of Yerushalem 
would be something like Yerushalemayim, not Yerushalayim. There would 
certainly be two Ms. This is Hebrew, not Arabic, so there are no 
internal or "broken" plurals, but plurals and duals are formed by 
suffixing, and the dual by adding -ayim AFTER the final consonant of 
the word stem.

Peter Kirk

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It appears that the reasoning is in this way:  Yerushalayim is a dual form of 
Yerushalem, a compound form possibly meaning "foundation of peace," i.e., yeru +
shalem.  "-shalayim," then, would be the dual form of shalem.  What is the 
with this scenario?

Solomon Landers
Memra Institute for Biblical Research

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> Just in case there is any confusion, this case is quite different from 
> that of Jerusalem. MICRAYIM is a dual form derived from a well-known
> root MCR which is attested even today in the Arabic name for Egypt, 
> which is Misir. As someone pointed out, there is no singular root or 
> stem form like YERUSHAL of which YERUSHALAYIM can be the dual.
> Peter Kirk

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